Composer for three.js


A new JavaScript Performance Monitor.

Augmented compileShader

Augmented WebGLRenderingContext.prototype.compileShader. Small library to augment compileShader and provide an output of the errors directly in the DOM, instead of dumping all data in the console.


THREE.AugmenteConsole.js is a small tool to make development with three.js easier. It uses chrome's console.table to format the output when using console.log to inspect objects. If the object is a known format it uses a table to display its contents.

Generative and reactive geometry with JavaScript and WebGL
MIRA Lab 2013 Workshop

Support material for the MIRA Lab Workshop.


Concatenated Sound Files Loader | Typed Arrays and Web Audio API

Getting started with 3D graphics in the browser with WebGL and three.js
Barcelona.JS March 2013

Add 3D content to your web pages or create fully immersive experiences with ease. Learn how to set up a scene, generate or load models and render them interactively.

This is the code used for the talk for the March 2013 Barcelona.JS meet up.

SolariDisplay - A Split-Flap Display with CSS and JavaScript

Library to create a Split-Flap Display, or Solari Board.

CCapture.js - A library to capture canvas-based animations

CCapture.js is a library to help capturing animations created with HTML5 canvas at a fixed framerate.

GSVPano.js - Google Street View Panorama lib

Library to help requesting and stitching Google Street View panoramas.

Sadly, I've been requested by the Maps team to remove the library, since it was enabling people to break Google's Terms of Service. Which is true, but also an intrinsic problem with the only purpose of the library. Let's hope in a very near future the Google Maps API will provide a very similar feature.

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